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Reduce Food Waste through plant based protection

Our Current Portfolio

Our investment practises are geared towards building complementary collaborative ecosystems that push innovation around pressing human needs. We like to partner with companies & individuals who champion collaborative efforts in solving complex problems.

Apeel Sciences

Plant based food coating
Apeel Sciences Logo.png
  • Sector: Food Technology 

  • Date Invested: August 2020

Apeel is on a mission to reduce food waste & make sustainable, longer lasting produce a reality through the development of their edible coatings made out of plant materials. They have already developed products for both USDA Certified Organic & Conventional produce categories & are expanding their offerings rapidly.

Genera Energy

Ag-Based Fiber Solutions
  • Sector: Bio-Technology

  • Date Invested: March 2017

Genera Energy has been a great success story promoting US domestic manufacturing. Genera Energy develops & processes energy crop & bio-mass to manufacture sustainable & compostable ag-based pulp & molded fiber products.

Genera Energy Logo 1 - White Font.png
CompostNow Logo.png

CompostNow Inc.

Widely accessible composting infrastructure 
  • Sector: Waste Management & Composting

  • Date Invested: November 2019

CompostNow is working towards closing the loop on food waste through the creation of an innovative & easily accessible composting infrastructure that allows community members & local businesses to divert their compostables from the landfill  & instead use them to build nutrient rich soil for local food systems & fighting climate change.

Better Earth

Sustainable packaging solutions
  • Sector: Paper & Packaging

  • Date Invested: January 2016

Better Earth is contributing towards strengthening the circular economy by leading initiatives & partnerships that help our foodservice industry to meet & exceed their sustainability goals through packaging solutions & services designed to address the industry`s most pressing environmental concerns.  



Compressed Air Energy Storage
  • Sector: Sustainable Energy Storage

  • Date Invested: June 2014

Hydrostor is making positive impacts in alleviating global climate change by transitioning us to a cleaner, flexible & sustainable electricity grid system through their proprietary Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage (A-CAES) . A-CAES provides the energy storage longevity benefit of pumped hydro along with the key advantages of flexible positioning & absolutely zero emissions which significantly lessens environmental impact when compared to existing infrastructure of fossil fuel plants.

Hydrostor Logo.png
Mantis Logo.png

Mantis Organics

Affordable Organic Body & Health care products 
  • Sector: Consumer Products

  • Date Invested: June 2017

Mantis Organics is a health & wellness brand working towards making Organic Lifestyle, products & solutions accessible & affordable across all consumer channels through the development & distribution of North American manufactured high quality USDA certified organic body, health & home care products & solutions.  

Woodland Biofuels

Clean renewable energy from Biomass
  • Sector: Sustainable Alternative Energy

  • Date Invested: July 2014

Woodland Biofuels.png

Woodland has developed a proprietary waste-to-biofuel technology capable of converting biomass (Wood waste, Agricultural Waste, Construction Waste & more) into ethanol or other high value clean & renewable fuel through gasification & series of thermo- catalytic reactions. Currently they are operating a pilot plant in Ontario, Canada which will be followed by their 1st full scale commercial plant with backing from private & public sponsors. This is an industry altering solution that addresses climate change by reducing GHG emission by 92% as well as creates economic incentive by producing cleaning renewable fuel at a lower cost than making gasoline from oil.


Image based smart Composting & Recycling 
Betterbin App Logo.png
  • Sector: Waste Management & Composting

  • Date Invested: March 2021

Betterbin is developing an  app that allows users to navigate the confusing world of composting & recycling. The app through the use of smartphone cameras is capable of scanning  barcodes on groceries & household products to inform users on what can be recycled & composted based on the community they live in. This allows municipalities to lower their recycling program costs through better informed community members as well as promotes more widespread composting & recycling through in-app reward programs.

Lime Micro Mobility

Accessible last mile transportation at it`s finest
Lime Logo.png
  • Sector: Transportation & Mobility

  • Date Invested: June 2018

Lime has set out to address & alleviate climate change by revolutionizing the way we approach urban transportation. Their vast fleet of electric scooters, e-assist & pedal bikes, electric mopeds are all accessible & interconnected through their intuitive smartphone app; allowing an affordable, environmentally friendly & convenient way to move around the city while reducing user carbon footprint. Lime is committed to be carbon negative by 2025 & are focused on reducing city-based carbon emissions by getting people out of cars through the creation of a more robust 1st & last mile transportation infrastructure. Internally Lime is also contributing to a cleaner more sustainable earth by powering all their warehouses & offices using 100% renewable energy as well as by committing to a zero emissions cargo fleet. 

Doctor on Demand

Telemedicine, Remote healthcare & online therapy
  • Sector: Healthcare

  • Date Invested: October 2020

Doctor on Demand is actively working towards lowering clinical barriers to treating patients virtually, providing follow up care, creation of comprehensive patient profiles & providing dedicated fulltime access to US licensed healthcare providers via any smartphone, tablet or computer. They are one of the very few telemedicine platforms to work directly with employee health plan providers & insurance companies as well as provide laboratory diagnostic services as part of their patient care offering through partnership with two of the largest national laboratories. 

Doctor on Demand Logo.png
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