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Investing & Curating towards a Regenerative Circular Economy

What are we trying to achieve?

Our goal is to curate & invest towards a collaborative eco-system of likeminded entrepreneurs & companies; where they complement each other in building creative solutions & innovative technologies that contribute towards navigating us towards a Circular Regenerative economy. As a singular entity; it`s difficult for anyone to cater to all societal & environmental roadblocks that the pathway to this end goal. We strongly believe pooling ideas, resources & skillsets allow us to complement & leverage each others` strengths  to build a robust circular framework that not only generates environmental benefits but also creates business growth & sustainable financial gains.

Our commitment here is not only to invest in our partners; but also build long term relationships. Learn with them & share our experience with them to guide each other towards a mutually beneficial outcome & material end results.

Aerial View of Containers

What is our biggest roadblock & concern?


Our practise of Linear Economy is not only the biggest roadblock to achieving a circular sustainable framework but also the biggest threat to our survivability as a species.

We are increasingly following an economic model of "take, make, dispose" without thinking of ways to regenerate or recycle these valuable resources that went into making the consumables in the first place. For a planet with finite resources it`s only a matter of time before we run out of these resources. Not only would it have detrimental societal issues but also will cause negative environmental effects some of which are already evident in the form of global warming & increased  frequency of severe weather across the globe.

Without a concrete framework to encourage innovation that would help alter our consumption behaviour & manufacturing practises this will only get worse. 

Aerial View of Containers
Linear Economy_edited.jpg

If you are still not convinced of the issue at hand; lets observe a few fact based data related to our consumption patterns!!

Food Waste

931 Million tons

Amount of food that goes to waste every year constituting to about 17% of global food production.

Source: UNEP

Plastic Waste

8 Million tons

Amount of plastic that ends up in our oceans every year making up 80% of all marine debris from surface waters to deep sea sediments.

Source: IUCN


2 Billion tons

By how much our landfills are growing by every year from accumulated waste.

Source: The Challenge Platform


75% Higher

Percentage higher by which we are already consuming the earth`s resources over the long term sustainable threshold.

Source: Global Footprint Network

What`s the SOLUTION?


Curating a  regenerative circular framework for our consumption patterns & overall economy is the optimal way to go about addressing the issue at hand.

Since industrial revolution consumption patterns has been linear in nature prioritizing instant gratification, short product life cycles & nearly impossible to recover material & product design. A Circular framework provides a roadmap to resolve these concerns.

At its core, Circular Economy is a set of mannerisms & practises that pushes us to live within our planetary boundaries. It`s regenerative & restorative by design. The key goals behind incorporating this ideology is to work towards solutions that enable elimination of waste & pollution as much as possible, increasing usable lifecycle & end of life value extraction for products & materials as well as finding ways to regenerate natural systems by making sure waste from one process could be feedstock or fuel for another..

It`s about building a give & take relationship with the nature rather than a take & dispose one.

Circular Economy Flow 01_edited.jpg

What has been our approach?

Our goal has been to generate societal & environmental value through innovative solutions that offer steady financial returns; portion of which are reinvested back in some capacity to restore & regenerate our most fragile ecosystem. 

We evaluate every partnership we form & every investment we make based on 4 key principles:


  • Are we Eliminating & Designing out waste in some form?

  • Are we increasing usable shelf life & extending life cycle of products & materials in use?

  • Are we creating measures & solutions to regenerate natural systems?

  • Are we promoting accessibility & sustainable mobility?

Our Partners

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