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Ideal Partners

We like to collaborate with partners who share our vision of a Sustainable Circular Economy. Partners who are focused on Innovations that garner market transformation. Circularity & Sustainability measures are built into each & every partnership decision we make. When evaluating a potential partner we try to gauge their fit based not only on how well they fit with our end goals but also how we are able to assist them in realizing their organizational goals through our resources & network of current partners. 

Although we do not condone any hard & fast rules when evaluating new partnership opportunities; we do have a 4 quadrant based general framework that we follow. This not only helps us identify partners that are good fit for us but also helps our potential partners realize how much we can assist them and what our overall fit is for their organizational measures & goals.  


We like to participate at the ground floor of things where we can make meaningful contributions. 

We prefer to participate at:

  • Pre-Seed Round

  • Seed Round

  • Series A Round

However If a partnership opportunity has potential and aligns with our preference; we do make exceptions & participate at later rounds.




We prefer to partner with Technology & Efficiency driven companies within our preferred sectors who are solving a defined material problem & are willing to collaborate with other participants to work towards the common goal of achieving a sustainable circular economy. 

We like our partners to be able to complement each other through their innovations & solutions. This plays a strong part in our partnership decisions. We are always on the lookout for new solutions that complement & supplement our current portfolio partners.

Investment Criteria 03_edited.jpg

Size & Horizon

Our standard investment range is:

  • Low End - $50,000

  • High End - $500,000

Our standard investment horizon is between 5 to 8 years.


Depending on how much we can contribute & help our partners move forward; we are happy to take both controlling & non-controlling stake. We believe in letting the experts do their magic. 

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We understand the importance of fiscal matters. Finances & returns are a big part of why we do what we do here.

But we also look at it as a by product of good governance & innovation.  We do not have a hard & fast requirement when it comes to fiscal requirements. But we do expect our partners to have a clear understanding of the fiscal viability of their business & also a clear plan on how & when they expect to become fiscally self sustaining.

We strongly believe to solve the world`s problems; first we have to solve our own.

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