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Foster a collaborative ecosystem of like minded entrepreneurs, innovative technologies & solutions that complement each other in the creation of a sustainable circular framework that generates economic value while respecting & regenerating our natural resources rather than exhausting our environment.







We like to CONNECT with entrepreneurs & companies that are working towards developing earth friendly solutions & innovative  technologies that generate societal & economic value while steering us towards a circular  & regenerative economic framework rather than the existing linear one.

We like to foster COLLABORATION among our partners to create solutions that we believe are more robust & addresses our societal & environmental needs better. Collaboration for us is a means to more integrated complementary solutions that create a more intricate & sustainable circular framework. 

We like to CREATE material solutions to our most pressing societal & environmental needs through meaningful collaboration with our partners. We back our partners not just from an economic perspective; but also through offering them access to our investor network, partner network & personal accumulated experience. We look at it as much as our partners investing their trust & time in us in realizing a mutual vision of sustainable circular economic framework.

What are some of the key measures we follow when building a collaborative circular framework

One of the key components of achieving a Circular Economic framework is to create the highest utility & value from materials & products over its entire life cycle. The goal is to limit extraction of resources from the environment either through extending material & product utility for longer periods or by creating processes & systems that create end of life cycle value for those extracted materials & resulting products by returning them back into the environment in some consumable capacity to help the environment regenerate & restore back. 

Are we offering a solution &/or platform that  generates additional economic &/or environmental value through Maintaining, Repairing &/or Upgrading?

Are we fostering an environment & ecosystem for Re-Using, Re-Distributing &/or Sharing? 

Are we offering solutions & platforms that promote Recycling &/or Re-Purposing?

Are we integrating end of life value extraction measures like Composting &/or Waste Management within the framework?

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