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Solution & Sector Focus 

Our partnership & investment practises are goal oriented rather then dictated by particular sectors. We do prioritize certain sectors more than others due to our belief that we would be able to contribute more to our partners & towards our goal of a Circular Sustainable Framework through our participation & partnerships in them


Increasing crop yield, reduction of food waste & increasing shelf life of additives has been our core focus here. We are looking for partners in:

  • Precision Farming Platforms

  • Regenerative Agriculture

  • Plant based solutions for Food Waste reduction

Our goal has been to look for ways to increase end of life value extraction from products. Either through existing or new recycling & composting framework or by developing products from the ground up using raw materials & manufacturing processes that contributes towards end of life value.

  • Accessible composting framework

  • Compostable & Bio-Degradable Product Development

  • Life-Cycle Assessment Platforms

  • Software enable collection & logistics platforms

  • Technology enabled education platforms for product end of life value extraction

Promoting an Accessible, Affordable & Interconnected mobility & transportation framework is our key goal here. We are on a look out for partners working on:

  • Low Carbon Mobility Infrastructure

  • Predictive Maintenance Programs

  • Mobility as a Service Platforms

  • Accessible low cost Ride Sharing 

  • Transportation related innovation including but not limited to Autonomous Vehicles, Renewable Energy Source, Modular based Mobility design framework.

Smart Mobility & Cost Effective Transportation_edited.jpg

We are looking for solutions that marries the accessibility & efficiency  of E-Commerce with environmentally responsible & conscious measures. We are interested in: 

  • Transparency & Traceability Solutions

  • Direct to Customer Sourcing Platforms

  • Carbon Neutral Fulfillment

  • Sustainable Efficient Logistics Framework

Abundance of data & the advent of sophisticated analytics & machine capacity allows us to measure the result of our actions. Data also finds ways for us to improve upon them. We are looking for partners who are working on platforms or solutions related to:

  • Smart Manufacturing

  • Data As a Service

  • Infrastructure Optimization

  • Precision Farming

  • Smart Sensors

  • Need based Product Development

Clean Energy & Energy Storage_edited.jpg

When it comes to Energy our goal is to contribute towards developing a low waste, low carbon, self sufficient clean grid that does not depend on fossil fuel. 

  • Low carbon energy systems

  • Synthetic Low emission fuel development

  • Smart home technologies

  • Long duration low emission energy storage solutions

  • On Site Renewable Energy (OSR) Systems & Microgrids

Products & Solutions that were developed from the ground up with the intent of contributing towards a sustainable circular economy

  • Smart factories

  • Purpose developed plant based additives

  • Circular product design & engineering

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